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Suppliers of salvaged and recycled building materials do their part for the environment by diverting usable building materials from landfills. Choosing recycled wood instead of new wood, even when sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests like FSC certified wood, protects old growth forests, which in turn helps prevent climate change as depletion of old growth forests releases Greenhouse gasses but also reduces the amount of carbon captured as trees grow. Reusing wood such as recycled barn boards, reclaimed lumber from river bottoms, and salvaging wood and other products from demolished houses saves money and leads towards the construction of Greener homes when choosing eco friendly building materials.

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Before hiring a Salvaged Building Materials Supplier through our network of local Salvaged Building Materials Suppliers read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then request a quote from the Salvaged Building Materials Supplier near you. Finding Salvaged Building Materials Suppliers for sustainable homes who are experienced in all areas is easy on The Ecohome Network.