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A specialist in caulking around windows, doors and other openings in homes reduces air leakage and heat loss, but also protects home from damage due to air leaks and condensation when moisture builds up in walls. Moisture in walls leads to damage to framing, reduces the R value of insulation, and can lead to mold in homes. An energy efficient Green home needs to be airtight for durability as well as energy efficiency. A blower door test during construction helps find and seal leaks in homes, and having a low air change rating is essential to achieve Passive House certification, Net Zero Energy, or LEED V4 certification. Choosing non toxic caulkings that carry the Green seal logo protects indoor air quality by reducing off gassing of toxic chemicals into homes.

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Before hiring a Caulking Specialist through our network of local Caulking Specialists read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then request a quote from the Caulking Specialist near you. Finding Caulking Specialists for sustainable homes who are experienced in all areas is easy on The Ecohome Network.