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Ecological criteria

  • ü Contributes to energy efficiency
  • ü Derived from natural materials
  • ü Contains recycled materials
  • ü Long lifespan

ROCKWOOL insulation is also known as mineral wool or stone wool. It has a minimum of 75% recycled material derived from blast furnaces.

Ecohome chose ROCKWOOL as its exclusive batt and rigid insulation partner primarily because we like the fact that ROCKWOOL products are largely manufactured using recycled content; they are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality; it is a durable product that will be reusable at the end of a building’s life cycle.

We used Rockwool insulation exclusively on the LEED Platinum Edelweiss House. 

Watch the video: Ecohome Demo House Slab on grade Insulation with ROCKWOOL

From our perspective, their most notable benefits include :

Thermal performance : Standard ROCKWOOL batts are not only of a higher R value than standard fiberglass batts, they can be compressed without greatly reducing their R value, which can lead to better thermal performance.

Durability: ROCKWOOL is hydrophobic, meaning it does not absorb moisture and it is also unharmed by it. If it gets wet it will return to its original form and performance value when it dries

Watch the video: Ecohome Demo House Roof Insulation with ROCKWOOL