British Columbia Timberframe Company Ltd.

Wood is our passion, timberframes are our specialty. Majestic, timeless & sustainable beauty for every dream home in the world from Squamish, BC.


Since 2000, British Columbia Timberframe specializes in performance & healthy home design as well as manufacturing of custom timber frame home packages and prefabricated building panels.  Located in Squamish BC, our local access to coastal Douglas-fir assures that the world’s finest timber translates to the industry’s highest grade of Select Structural timber, which is exclusively used in every home.  We ship worldwide.

The company founder built the first qualified ENERGY STAR home in the Sea to Sky corridor. We also have a Certified Passive House Consultant on staff with our sister company, Factor Building Panels. Factor is a prefabricated wall and roof panel company that designs and manufactures the next generation of SIPs that we refer to as SNIPS (Structural, Natural, Insulated Panels) due to the use of renewable, and natural components that will not off-gas, shrink, or allow toxicity into the home or work environment.

We extend a standing invitation to tour our Squamish factory where we design, cut, and craft the timber frames and prefabricated building panels.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Passive House & Healthy Homes

Very importantly, a high performance, energy-efficient home lays the groundwork to a healthy home and vice versa! At British Columbia Timberframe, healthy living and working spaces, energy-efficient buildings and sustainability form part of our vernacular. We design and build to specification for Passive Homes as well as for ENERGY STAR accreditation. In 2015, company owner Kelvin Mooney earned ENERGY STAR accreditation for the completion of the first qualified home in Squamish, BC within the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes in Canada Initiative. Imagine that only as little as $150/month heat and run this home in the coldest months of the year. Often you won’t need to turn on the heat before November 1st for homes located on the West Coast!