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We are passionate about design and craftsmanship, and we are committed to quality and sustainability.

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We are passionate about design and craftsmanship, and we are committed to quality and sustainability. Services: Volumetric and development…


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Studio MMA sont des Architectes a Montreal Quebec, Specialists en Maisons LEED, Ecologiques et Hautes Performantes


Studio MMA is an architectural design studio founded in 1999 by Vouli Mamfredis and Rob Miners, two architects in practice since 1984 and 1987 respectively. Their experience as project leaders for institutional, corporate, commercial and residential projects provides a solid foundation for their work.

We’ve won numerous awards for our work and had the honour of sending one of the three projects that represented Canada at the 2005 Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo. We were on one of twelve winning teams selected to build a project for EQuilibrium, a nationwide initiative to build net zero energy healthy homes. We’ve built three stores with Mountain Equipment Coop, a business at the forefront of green construction, and we’ve completed many new homes, additions and green renovations, including the first LEED certified home built for Habitat for Humanity in Canada. 

We believe that architecture should express, support and inspire the people who use it. The creation of well-proportioned spaces, the appropriate choice of materials, the consideration of light, craftsmanship and attention to detail are the tools that lead to a successful project.

We support the principles of sustainable development and encourage choices that favour energy efficiency, durability, effective use of the site and orientation, occupant health and comfort and the responsible use of resources. An integrated approach to sustainable design takes into account all of the project goals and priorities, including budget and schedule.

Our work methodology is founded on teamwork. We find that a collaborative project process is not only more satisfying; it leads to better results. As such, we believe in the active participation of architects, clients, contractors and other professionals at every phase of the project and encourage the exchange of information and ideas from all team members.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Studio MMA maintains that the principles of sustainable development are part of the fundamental principles of architecture. We see ecological strategies as tools towards achieving inspired and successful architecture. We are committed to integrating these strategies into our practice and into our projects. Our activities include research, continuing education, promotion and popularization of environmentally friendly construction methods. We are a member of the Sustainable Building Council of Canada. Vouli Mamfredis and Rob Miners are both LEED C + CB accredited professionals.

We have to our credit several homes certified or in the process of LEED certification for Homes from Silver to Platinum, including the first LEED certified home from the charity Habitat for Humanity Montreal.