Modular LEED house being built by Quebec carpentry students is underway

Students building a LEED house and donating it to Habitat for Humanity fires on all the feel-good cylinders, have a listen to the CBC interview about the project.

Pre-fab LEED home built by carpentry students
One section of the Pre-fab LEED home being built by carpentry students © John Hodges

We've covered this story in the past, but since the carpentry students from the New Frontiers School Board are forging a path into untrodden territory, many hurdles presented themselves along the way that delayed the project. The biggest being the fact that Quebec union regulations prevent students from working on a building site, so everything has to be pre-built at the school and transported to the building site.

Ground has finally been broken with a slab-on-grade already prepared, and the modular wall and roof units are just about ready to transport. Watch episode 1 of the video to get an idea of the energy and excitement behind the project, and a blog detailing the entire process can be found here. Below is a recent CBC interview with John Hodges from the New Frontiers School Board speaking about the project and the challenges of building to LEED standards