Energy modelling services

Ecohome provides energy modelling simulations of home designs to project their estimated levels of energy consumption in advance of  breaking ground, so that problem areas can be corrected and performance optimized.

This service is based on the original German Passivhaus concept, and is done using PHPP (Passive House Planning Package).

PHPP analysis of building plans permits the determination of the following:

  • Energy consumption calculations
  • Solar heat gain and heat loss of windows
  • Ventilation requirements to maintain healthy indoor air quality
  • Expected heating and cooling loads
  • Heat loss that will be incurred due to thermal bridging

The ability to predetermine how a house will perform and where its greatest weaknesses are allows   changes to be made in the design phase, improving the performance of your home when it is built. It offers you a chance to reallocate financial resources put into insulation to offer you the best return on investment, and improved energy efficiency.

This service can offer significant long-term savings for homeowners and help create a more comfortable and durable home. A more detailed explanation of this process and its value can be found on our Net Zero Heat pages, and prices can be found on our Net Zero Heat registration page.