What we’re all about

Home construction as we know it, is at the bottom end of a bell curve of sustainability, efficiency and improved quality of life. Market demand and resource depletion have together brought us to the point where building a high performance, healthy home is no longer just a noble undertaking, but a smart financial decision.

The goal of our website is to help you build a house that is more durable, will require less maintenance, be cheaper to operate, and have a higher resale value. Our building guide pages are laid out in a way that we hope will make learning about sustainable building techniques not only a painless experience, but an enjoyable and motivating one as well.

We feature news stories on notable buildings and products, we also have a green building guide to help you make the right choices for you - from choosing the right building lot and designing your home, all the way to maintaining healthy indoor air quality while you paint and furnish your home.

Our building guide introduction pages are intended to give you an overview of topics, with more pages available for those who want to dig deeper. If there is something you haven't been able to find, drop us a line and hopefully we can help point you in the right direction.