LEED / Sustainable Green Homes, Designs & Projects

Single-family homes

Anderson Menard Cottage

...LEED Gold Certified. It was built with modern materials and quality craftsmanship. Much of the heating and cooling is Passive.

Single-family homes

Massawippi House

...LEED® Platinum certification . Designed for a large family, it also adapts very well to teleworking. The difference in land levels allows a south-facing garden level giving access to the land with mature trees and a market garden. Its remarkable structure in beams and posts, made by a craftsman carpenter, is ...

Ruchat-Guessab Residence

...LEED® house, Stéphanie May-Ruchat and Omar Guessab managed this building project themselves. The result is a house that takes their own family needs into account while intelligently combining the selection of sustainable and healthy building materials while respecting their budget. This made for not only a completely s...

Multi-residential buildings

Chambord Residence

...LEED Platinum building at the time obtained the 2nd best LEED home rating in Quebec and the best on the island of Montreal.

Humming Hill Farm

Inspired by farm buildings in the Eastern Townships, this coach house is an exercise in architectural simplification. The original house actually consisted of a triple garage topped with the keeper's apartment. Nothing has been preserved of the old structure layout, all interior divisions have been redesigned. The...

Single-family homes

Edelweiss House

...LEED v4 certified construction project in Canada and the second LEED v4 Platinum home in the world. Its design is simple and compact, yet still feels spacious. The majority of the heat required to keep the house warm is provided by the South facing windows, backed up by an air source heat pump as well as a radiant...

Single-family homes

Eco-habitat S1600 Prefab kit house available in Canada and the US

...LEED Platinum S1600 Kit house off the assembly line was first assembled in the Montreal Stadium so visitors could experience it first hand. Designed by the architectural firm PARA-SOL and built by Bâtiment Pré-Fab, was entirely assembled by NG3 Construction for the Montreal home show. The architecture of Eco-Hab...

Single-family homes

The Saltbox Passive House

The size and shape of the house is inspired by the historical "Saltbox" shape, very common in Estrie and New England, and matching heritage homes in the region. The L-shaped design is south facing to promote passive solar heating and to enjoy the panoramic view of the location. By building the rear part of the ma...

Single-family homes

Kenogami House

...LEED score ever, and meets all Passive House performance standards. The Kenogami House holds the highest LEED score achieved in Canada (106), meets Passive House performance of 15 kWh per square meter and won a Home of the Year Award from Green Builder© Media. The Kenogami House is almost entirely passively h...

Single-family homes

Chalet Eastman

...LEED Platinum certified. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Le Vertendre team. Optimized space With its less than 1,400 square feet and its three bedrooms, this chalet is placed in the best size category of the LEED system. Integrated design: one of the keys to success eco-intelligent design, c...