Hemp wood boards

Hempwood board

Hempwood board dimensional lumber… Hempwood board dimensional lumber is made with dried hemp stalks that are compressed under extreme pressure with a soy-based adhesive. Hemp boards are aproximately 25% stronger than other hardwoods such as oak, hickory and maple. 

PureBond - Formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood

PureBond Formaldehyde-free hardwood Plywood

Formaldehyde-free & FSC certified hardwood plywood - Purebond… The original cost-competitive decorative hardwood plywood without the formaldehyde. PureBond® is Columbia Forest Products’ exclusive formaldehyde-free innovation for hardwood plywood manufacturing. Smooth, uniform and lightweight laminate surfaces, entirel…

EPS-Deck concrete deck forming system - how it works

EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming System for Insulating Concrete Forms by Legalett

EPS-Deck ICF Concrete Deck Forming System for Floors, Roofs and Decks by Legalett… EPS-Deck was designed to be a lightweight, concrete deck forming system ideal for forming concrete floors, roofs and decks. All EPS-Deck insulated EPS concrete floor or roof forms are designed to an exacting specification with rapid, si…

UV Wood Finished Hardwood Plywood Panel

UV Wood - hardwood plywood panel

UV Wood panels - a versatile, beautifully finished hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products… UV WoodTM is a beautiful, finished hardwood plywood panel featuring a clear, durable topcoat on one or both sides. The versatile, modified acrylate epoxy finish is tough, resistant to scrapes, chips and the effects of so…