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airtight membranes and vapour barriers for building envelopes from Salola distri

Aerovap Hygromax by Salola

...watertight membrane whose permeability to water vapour is determined by the relative humidity. Product Benefits include: Permeability to water vapour vari...

Isolofoam ISOCLAD exterior wall insulation panels

Isolofoam ISOCLAD Wall Insulation Panels

...vapour barrier material: water vapour transmission of 176.5 ng/Pa•s•m2 (2.94 perms) for a 1'' thickness. Allows moisture trapped behind walls to evaporate. Redu...

Aerotape Blue adhesive tape for building envelopes

Aerotape Premium Blue by Salola

...water resistant tearable by hand interior and exterior use highly flexible strong initial etch Distributed in Canada by Isofib Eco Construction.