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Formulated limes for Tradical Hempcretes in Canada distributed by Isofib

Tradical PF 70 Concrete Hemp Insulation

...Hempcretes Tradical® PF 70 is a binder pre-formulated with an aerial lime base (75%) combined with hydraulic (15%) and pozzolanic (10%) binders, and is mixed with Chanvribat® hurds (Granulat Chanvre Bâtiment certified) and water to produce Tradical® Hempcretes that that can be manually or mechanically applied. ...

Hemp wood flooring

Hemp wood flooring

...Hemp hardwood flooring is a formaldehyde-free engineered flooring product that is sustainably-grown and harvested. It comes either unfinished or finished with a UV treated Zero VOC protective coating. Hempwood is aproximately 25% harder than other hardwood floor such as oak, hickory or maple.

Hemp wood boards

Hempwood board

...Hempwood board dimensional lumber is made with dried hemp stalks that are compressed under extreme pressure with a soy-based adhesive. Hemp boards are aproximately 25% stronger than other hardwoods such as oak, hickory and maple.