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Isolofoam ISOCLAD exterior wall insulation panels

Isolofoam ISOCLAD Wall Insulation Panels

Air barrier/non vapour barrier expanded polystyrene insulation panel with a laminated membrane designed for exterior insulation of above grade walls. Ideal for...

Thermafiber RainBarrier insulation products

Thermafiber Mineral Wool Insulation from Owens Corning

Thermafiber RainBarrier insulation products are designed for exceptional performance in rainscreen and exterior cavity wall construction applications. With a f...

Isolofoam HD160 interior and exterior insulation panels

Isolofoam HD160 & XHD 200-300-400 Insulation Panels

...exterior foundation walls, concrete slabs, ceilings, cathedral roofs. Meets the standards of the Building Code and the highest insulation requirements. Contribu...

ThermalWall PH Insulated Wall Panels for Passive House or Zero Net Energy

ThermalWall PH insulated Rigid Foam Wall Panels for Passive House or Zero Net Energy Construction by Legalett

The Legalett ThermalWall PH rigid foam panel insulation system is a simple and cost-effective way of boosting the wall insulation performance of practically an...



...exterior non-structural insulation sheathing that provides a continuous layer of insulation around the commercial or residential building envelope.

Aerotape Blue adhesive tape for building envelopes

Aerotape Premium Blue by Salola

...exterior use highly flexible strong initial etch Distributed in Canada by Isofib Eco Construction.

Lunos e2™ HRV System

...exterior wall.

Tradition hybrid wood aluminum windows

...exterior claddings suits every taste, for renovation and new construction projects alike. 10% discount on all Tradition products

Aerobarrier air sealing spary

Aerobarrier air barrier spray

...exterior and interior walls. Contributes to energy savings through reduced heat loss due to air leakage.

Isolofoam ISORAD V2 Radiant Floor Heating Insulation panels

Isolofoam ISORAD V2 Radiant Floor Heating Insulation panels

...exterior slabs/sidewalks/ parking lots to accelerate melting of ice and snow during winter. Warm water or glycol radiant floor system. NEW Thin version for ...