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Replacing a fogged window sealed unit with a suspended film IGU


The photos below show a failed double pane IGU in a wood window before and after being replaced with a LiteZone® insulating glass unit.

A double pane IGU in a fixed wood window had fogged and needed to be replaced. The failed IGU was removed, and the wood window frame modified to accept a LiteZone® L0499 insulating glass unit. After installing the LiteZone® IGU the overall window insulating value increased from ~R1.5 to R8.5 (from ~R2.0 to R9.6 centre of glass).

The new exterior wood glass stops for the LiteZone® IGU were metal clad for low maintenance.

The renewed window has an overall insulating value ~35% higher than what was possible with a triple pane IGU and the LiteZone® IGU has 3 times the life of triple pane.​​