Edelweiss House

House Construction Interiors

The Edelweiss House was  Ecohome's Second high-performance passive demonstration house; as well as the first LEED v4 certified construction project in Canada and the second LEED v4 Platinum home in the world.

Its design is simple and compact, yet still feels spacious. The majority of the heat required to keep the house warm is provided by the South facing windows, backed up by an air source heat pump as well as a radiant floor.  

With its ultra-efficient building envelope the Edelweiss House obtained the maximum possible LEED points in the Energy Category without even including photovoltaic solar panels.

Edelweiss has an annual energy consumption of 15 kWh / m², meeting the requirements of the German PassivHaus certification. With its ISP rating of 15 (Passive Solar Index) and a below average per square foot cost, the Edelweiss House proves that it is cost effective to insulate beyond what Building Code requires.

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