La Petite Maison dans la Cour

Living Room

This magnificent ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) coach house in Montreal, Quebec was designed by La Shed Architecture.

This Backyard Tiny House replaces a small backyard house originally built in 1890. This small house has shared the land of another single-family dwelling since 1910. It is an inspiring example of how we can gently densify urban cores without compromising on quality  of life and the spirit of downtown living.

Green Home Characteristics

  • Small "temporary" wooden house built in 1890
  • Main brick house built in 1910
  • Two families living on one dowtown house lot 
  • Salvage of hemlock planks from the original building to build the new unit
  • Compact living  space: a well-designed 930 square foot home
  • This gently densifies a single-family home sector

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