Chalet Eastman

Dining Room

The prototype has a compact design with a mass fireplace located in the heart of the house, radiating its warmth to the surrounding open living spaces. A central staircase provides access to a 2nd floor where two closed bedrooms and an open loft area overlook the double-height living room at the southwest corner of the house. The chalet, like all the others built on its model, is located to optimize exposure to the sun in winter, and deciduous trees, wide roof overhangs, sun shades and trellises of climbing plants to reduce the solar gains in summer. The prototype has been LEED Platinum certified. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Le Vertendre team.

Optimized space With its less than 1,400 square feet and its three bedrooms, this chalet is placed in the best size category of the LEED system. Integrated design: one of the keys to success eco-intelligent design, carried out as a team according to the principle of integrated design Bioclimatic design orientation of the house designed to maximize heat input from the sun Energetic efficiency orientation and design maximizing heat input thermal mass of the building optimizing the storage of solar energy mass fireplace and radiant floor Efficient irrigation, fittings and toilets efficient irrigation system: very efficient and designed to irrigate only when necessary and in strategic places, it automatically uses the collected rainwater high performance faucets and toilets Reuse of rainwater and intelligent monitoring: innovative concepts efficient rainwater recovery and reuse system for toilets irrigation with direct monitoring of the quantities of drinking water and rainwater consumed by the occupants This system is innovative because it makes it possible to control the occupant's water consumption and to implement a tax when the quantities of water consumed are too large. Ecological landscaping: no grass but permeability No grass: clover was chosen as the plant cover because it requires less water and requires little maintenance (no mowing) full permeability of the lot: the access path is not asphalted but covered with gravel Ecological materials and diversion of construction waste regional smoothed concrete floor FSC certified pine (Forest Stewardship Council) exterior siding in regional cedar 50% of construction waste has been diverted. Quality of indoor environments heat recovery ventilator certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) space to take off your shoes at the entrance to the house to limit dust and pollutants from outside the house

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