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Carbon Emissions in the US reduced in 2019 - IEA Report Reveals
Climate Change

Carbon emissions declined in US in 2019 - a glimmer of hope for climate change goals?

...ust admit a bit of surprise that the best performer this year in reducing climate change-causing emissions was the United States, since most of the US governmen...

2019 Renewables produced more Electric than Coal, Gas, Oil
Renewable Energy

In 2019, renewable energy sources produced more power in the US than fossil fuels

...US consumers. The use of energy derived from coal has declined in the US by nearly half since its peak in 2008. There has been an average annual usage decline...

Tesla Solar Panel Special Offer USA September 2019
Renewable Energy

Solar Panels Special Offer from Tesla in US - September 2019!

...US markets, depending on location: State Monthly Rental, $ US (small) Est Annual Generation, $ US Net, $ US Arizona 50 700-900 110-280...

Home Energy labeling, Impact of Mandatory labels on Real Estate prices US Canada
Real estate

The North American Property market faces a ticking timebomb - Mandatory energy labeling - and here's what to do about it

...use prices on this side of the Atlantic. Imagine for a moment if the majority of American and Canadian households were told that their homes may become unsellab...

Help Us to Help You - 3 Min Survey - Why Eco Homes are the Future

How Can We Help With Your Green Home Project?, and motivate us. Advancing the cause of sustainable home construction requires exploring new (and sometimes highly unusual) ideas in terms of home energy ef...

When a house becomes a #stayathome

When a House becomes a #stayathome

During these challenging times, The Ecohome Network is continuing to bring people together virtually, helping people turn houses into eco homes on https://ww...

NAHB finds Slab on Grade Foundations are Most Popular in 2020

Home foundation trends in 2020 are encouraging for sustainability as slab on grade wins

...use of lung cancer after smoking in the USA & Canada, it is quickly becoming a household term. Many newer homes will have radon barriers and vents pre-install...

Earth Day 2021 – America Mobilizes to make Earth Day every Day!
Climate Change

And so it's Earth Day, Again...

...US, agreed to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - were trampled in the dust of denial while a nation hung on the latest tweet about just about anything else. ...

World's tallest skyscraper planned for Vienna Austria

276 foot wood frame skyscraper planned for Vienna

...using concrete. Concrete releases about a ton of greenhouse gases per ton manufactured, where wood takes carbon from the atmosphere and sequesters it in thing...

The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...using but you would get a much better house for your money. See our LEED and Passive House ready prefab kit houses here. Affordable Modern Prefab Eco Homes ...

Renewable Energy - Houston goes for 100% green
Renewable Energy

City of Houston to be powered with 100% renewable energy

...uston Climate Action Plan is already in motion. Expanding our renewable energy investment through our partnership with NRG helps us build a more sustainable cit...