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Ontario's new building-codes for Legal Laneway Homes Toronto
Policy and Regulations

Ontario clarifies building-code for legal laneway homes in Toronto rules for laneway suites were so restrictive it felt like the city had “gone backwards.” . City officials of course stand by the fire safety rules, whi...

Hurricane proof home

Hurricane-proof home as well. *** The ever-increasing threat of devastating hurricanes and tornadoes has inspired students from the University of Alabama to create the SU...

World's tallest skyscraper planned for Vienna Austria

276 foot wood frame skyscraper planned for Vienna is something I know nothing about, although I can't imagine feeling safe in any tall structure that is burning below me no matter what it is made of. But...

New Tiny House Laws in San Jose California Passed
Policy and Regulations

Tiny Houses on Wheels Approved in San Jose, California; 12. The THOW shall incorporate all of the following design elements: - Cladding and trim: Materials used on the exterior of the THOW shall exclude s...

When a house becomes a #stayathome

When a House becomes a #stayathome

During these challenging times, The Ecohome Network is continuing to bring people together virtually, helping people turn houses into eco homes on https://ww...