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When a house becomes a #stayathome

When a House becomes a #stayathome, stay healthy - and a HUGE thank you for all the First Responders and Essential Workers who are holding everything together for all of us. We can defeat th...

Hurricane proof home

Hurricane-proof home as they rebuild. At the heart of the home’s many resilient features is its “safe room,” a composite and steel space that is meant to protect the people i...

World's tallest skyscraper planned for Vienna Austria

276 foot wood frame skyscraper planned for Vienna is something I know nothing about, although I can't imagine feeling safe in any tall structure that is burning below me no matter what it is made of. But...

Building with ICF in California Wildfire Zone - Habitat for Humanity
Products and Materials

Habitat for Humanity - building durable homes in California wildfire zones from ICF, durable, and affordable homes.” ICF concrete home survives wildfires in California proving that resilient homes can be a good option Other associa...

Earth Day 50th Anniversary April 22 2020 - Ecohome
Climate Change

Earth Day 50th Anniversary is the 22 April 2020 - What's the History, and How can we all Help?

...Safe Drinking Water Act. The US though can’t be considered in isolation. We’re here after all to “Save the Planet!”, so whilst there are many individual examp...