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The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...building trends for 2021 Here is what we’ve found to be trending in green building circles and online search and purchase data: Water saving low flow shower...

Earth Day 2021 – America Mobilizes to make Earth Day every Day!
Climate Change

And so it's Earth Day, Again...

...Building Guide pages . See LEED and Passive House ready prefab eco homes For Canada and the US How to design a home for thermal comfort and energy e...

Home Energy labeling, Impact of Mandatory labels on Real Estate prices US Canada
Real estate

The North American Property market faces a ticking timebomb - Mandatory energy labeling - and here's what to do about it

...building step codes that are being widely adopted are often so much more stringent than existing building codes. Energy efficiency performance has never improve...

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030
Energy efficiency

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

...Building Guide pages : Compare the Carbon Footprint of Wood v Steel V Concrete Buildings The Low Carbon LEED Platinum S1600 Prefab Kit Home Fu...

Formica targets Net Carbon Neutral countertop products for 2030

Formica Corporation Announces New Sustainability Goals, Targets Net Carbon Neutrality by 2030

...Building Guide pages . Choosing eco-friendly kitchen counters Design tips for durable kitchens and bathrooms Future-proof building techniques ...

NAHB finds Slab on Grade Foundations are Most Popular in 2020

Home foundation trends in 2020 are encouraging for sustainability as slab on grade wins

...building foundations, slabs and basements Building foundations, crawlspaces and basements all involve using concrete, which has an extremely high carbon footp...

Tiny Houses now Legal in Washington State

Tiny Houses - Washington State legalizes tiny homes & Eco-villages for Affordable Housing in WA

...building code standards for building Tiny Houses: In 2018, the International Code Council issued suggestions for Tiny house building standards in Appendix Q...

Teachers experimenting with insulated I-joists as wall studs
LEED Certification

Webisode # 2 following a carpentry school that is making big waves in Quebec

When the New Frontiers School Board decided they wanted to be a leader in teaching green building practices, it’s doubtful that they could have envisioned how ...

Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declared by UK Architects
Climate Change

UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

...Building, take a look at The EcoHome Network's Green Building Guides section here - and if you get stuck, or want some specific help, then post us a Green Build...

Smart Homes of the Future, Survey reveals what Adults & Kids think sustainable

The Future of Smart Homes, a recent survey explores how our homes will change to respond to climate change

...buildings that are modular, eco-friendly, cheaper and faster to build.” said one expert, and we agree. Smart Homes of the future kitchen with in-place food ...

Tesla Solar Panel Special Offer USA September 2019
Renewable Energy

Solar Panels Special Offer from Tesla in US - September 2019!

...Building Guide Pages : All you need to know about solar photovoltaic panels Building a near zero energy home on a budget here Passive House certification ...