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Hurricane proof home

Hurricane-proof home

...home is an ultra-resilient structure built to withstand the effects of extreme weather. The home even comes with a steel-encased “safe room” built into the sub-...

LEED Certification

OUR HOUSE: a community home building endeavour

...home, welcomed the opportunity to be involved. The group of carpentry teachers immediately embraced this focus on better-performing and sustainable home const...

New Frontiers School Board 'Our House' team
LEED Certification

Quebec carpentry students attempt LEED v4 certification on home that will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

...homes, and the fact that the work they do will end up giving two families in need an exceptional quality home. The school has fully embraced the LEED green bu...

LEED Platinum home donated to Habitat for Humanity
LEED Certification

Student-built LEED home delivered to Habitat for Humanity

Educators at the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre (CECVC) in Ormstown, QC wanted to offer their students something beyond the standard skills they wo...

A building made from K-Tect’s foam and steel structural insulated pane
Products and Materials

A New High Performance Wall System Makes Inroads Into the Ottawa Construction Market

...home being twice the size of their previous home, it consumes half the energy to operate. With a passive solar design, airtight building envelope and no thermal...

Home Energy labeling, Impact of Mandatory labels on Real Estate prices US Canada
Real estate

The North American Property market faces a ticking timebomb - Mandatory energy labeling - and here's what to do about it

...home for thermal comfort and energy efficiency Are high efficiency homes worth the extra cost? Zero Carbon homes - the Ecohome S1600 prefab comes cl...

The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...Home Building Trends you can expect to see in 2021. Learn more about energy efficient home design, Net Zero home construction and home renovations to save money...

NAHB finds Slab on Grade Foundations are Most Popular in 2020

Home foundation trends in 2020 are encouraging for sustainability as slab on grade wins

...home foundation study New homes built on slab on grade foundations are most common in the South Central west region where 95.7% of homes are started that way....

USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson Earthship Farmstead home receives high praise from the USGBC

...home has been named 'Earthship' but is not an official Earthship trademarked by Earthship Global. From the USGBC : Outstanding Single Family Home of the Yea...

BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...home construction and renovation standards. According to Luke Dolan, owner of Capital Home Energy and the B.C. director of the Canadian Association of Consult...

Living Building Challenge

One of the greenest homes on Earth is taking the Living Building Challenge in Alberta Canada - The Confluence

...homes For Canada and the US How to design a home for thermal comfort and energy efficiency Zero Carbon homes - the Ecohome S1600 prefab comes close!...