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USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson Earthship Farmstead home receives high praise from the USGBC

...the house in the hillside, bending the floor plan to carefully fit the contours of the field. The slope of the hill faced east, however, and we knew we would ne...

Renewable Energy - Houston goes for 100% green
Renewable Energy

City of Houston to be powered with 100% renewable energy

...the year 2025. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Houston is already the top municipal consumer of renewable energy in the US, and...

Colorado state university research helping reduce over-use of antibiotics

Colorado state university research helping reduce over-use of antibiotics

...the results of over 20 years of research by the Colorado State University has now reached the stage of being licensed to an emerging US med-tech & biotech Ameri...

Living Building Challenge

One of the greenest homes on Earth is taking the Living Building Challenge in Alberta Canada - The Confluence

...the bigger implications of the project. “I think about the next generation and how it links to the essence of the Living Building Challenge - to change the worl...

The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...the shift towards many people washing their butts rather than wiping them was driven by the utterly ludicrous stockpiling of toilet paper at the beginning of CO...

Energy efficiency

Vancouver tests Passive House efficiency with the Ice Box Challenge

...then left in the summer sun for 18 days. At the end of that period, both structures were opened and the amounts of ice remaining in each were measured. The resu...

Toboom - Winner of Formica Canada’s Industrial Design Competition

Canadian students win first prize at Formica’s 2021 FORM Student Innovation Competition

...the Mart in Chicago. “This year again, the quality of the designs and the number of entries speak for themselves! We are very proud to report that the FORM...

Earth Day 2021 – America Mobilizes to make Earth Day every Day!
Climate Change

And so it's Earth Day, Again...

...of us So many things have changed in the last year. People’s attitudes to their families, their homes, to their quality of life – and this in the end may be t...

Coronavirus - clean energy & sustainables in jeopardy after covid-19 - IEA
Climate Change

Coronavirus poses a threat to climate action says The International Energy Agency (IEA)

...the potential impact of the coronavirus on the transition to renewable energies and how they may struggle to help offset the carbon footprint of eco homes & sus...

Carbon negative concrete CMU blocks
Climate Change

Carbon negative concrete goes into pioneering “green” CMU blocks – Quebec leads the way!

...the cement, but the chemical reaction in the production of the new concrete also consumes carbon dioxide, further reducing the net carbon impact of the process....

LEED Condos in Lac Megantic
LEED Certification

CaGBC lends its support to rebuilding efforts in Calgary and Lac-Mégantic

...the damage of thousands of homes in the region. As rebuilding efforts continue in the affected areas, the CaGBC is working with Alberta home designer and LEED H...