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BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...building standards. Cities and towns now have the clout to raise the bottom rung of their regional building codes and enforce more energy-efficient new home con...

A building made from K-Tect’s foam and steel structural insulated pane
Products and Materials

A New High Performance Wall System Makes Inroads Into the Ottawa Construction Market

...home being twice the size of their previous home, it consumes half the energy to operate. With a passive solar design, airtight building envelope and no thermal...

LEED Certification

OUR HOUSE: a community home building endeavour

...home, welcomed the opportunity to be involved. The group of carpentry teachers immediately embraced this focus on better-performing and sustainable home const...

New Frontiers School Board 'Our House' team
LEED Certification

Quebec carpentry students attempt LEED v4 certification on home that will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

...building something that outperforms other homes, and the fact that the work they do will end up giving two families in need an exceptional quality home. The s...

Tiny Houses now Legal in Washington State

Tiny Houses - Washington State legalizes tiny homes & Eco-villages for Affordable Housing in WA

...building codes, which for EcoHome gives exciting opportunities for innovation, yet at the same time is potentially troublesome. How qualified or educated in bui...

USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson Earthship Farmstead home receives high praise from the USGBC

...home has been named 'Earthship' but is not an official Earthship trademarked by Earthship Global. From the USGBC : Outstanding Single Family Home of the Yea...

The tallest Passive House in the world will soon be built in Vancouver BC
Urban planning

Passive House reaches new heights in Vancouver Canada!

...Buildings How to Keep Wildfire Smoke out of Homes with HRV, ERV & Aircon Find more about green home construction in the Ecohome Green Building Guide pages -...

Energy efficiency

Vancouver tests Passive House efficiency with the Ice Box Challenge

...building homes far beyond the base levels of building code and employing passive heating and cooling strategies in home design. Passive ...

Ontario's new building-codes for Legal Laneway Homes Toronto
Policy and Regulations

Ontario clarifies building-code for legal laneway homes in Toronto

...building techniques here : All about Tiny Houses & Laneway Homes How to stay on budget when building a home Finding green building design prof...

Cellulose Environmentally Friendly Rigid Foam Insulation Panels
Products and Materials

Cellulose rigid foam board insulation - the environmentally-friendly styrofoam replacement?

...home building or renovation project, or simply as you walk through Home Depot or Lowes looking to inspire a Green home renovation project . Given the increase...

Hurricane proof home

Hurricane-proof home

...building for a changing climate is very important not just to protect our property and homes, but for personal safety as well. *** The ever-increasing threa...