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Canada Greener Homes Grants Program 2021 Launches for Home Efficiency
Energy efficiency

Canada Greener Homes Grants retrofit program is launched

Canada launches $2.6B of home improvement grants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan introduced the Canada Greener Ho...

Smart Homes of the Future, Survey reveals what Adults & Kids think sustainable

The Future of Smart Homes, a recent survey explores how our homes will change to respond to climate change

...grow all their own food inside the house (though we're not sure UK kids know pizza's and chip's don't grow on trees...) Interesting insights into what peopl...

Green Roof on Canadian Grocery Store

Green Roof on Canadian grocery store offers truly local produce

...growing food in soil is what allows it to be certified organic. LEED Gold grocery store green roof in Montreal, Quebec produdes its own produce Growing ...

Carbon Emissions in the US reduced in 2019 - IEA Report Reveals
Climate Change

Carbon emissions declined in US in 2019 - a glimmer of hope for climate change goals?

...growing past 2018's record-breaking high of 11.7 gigatons. Climate Change Action in the U.S. In the U.S., by Dec 2019, four hundred and twenty-seven cities ...

Earth Day 2021 – America Mobilizes to make Earth Day every Day!
Climate Change

And so it's Earth Day, Again...

...growing population needing housing, and an exodus from urban centres, we’re now running the risk of urban sprawl. To clear up a likely misconception - most peop...

Bosco Verticale, The World's First Vertical Forest

Bosco Verticale, the world's first vertical forest

...growth and urban sprawl, however, are inevitable. As our cities continue to bloat, the surrounding green space will become increasingly stressed and endangered....

SEM-B Mobility Launches it's Sustainable Urban Transit Solution

A New and Sustainable Urban Transit System SEM-B Readies for Launch

...growing problem of traffic congestion. Add in the reluctance of the general population to be crammed into public transport during these pandemic-sensitive tim...

Zero Waste to Landfill Project - Australian Supermarket Coles steps up

Zero Waste to Landfill Pilot Project - Australian Grocery Store Coles

...grown up in the U.K. but also having spent 2 years of my adult life living in North America, I can say that the two are pretty much on the same level when it co...

Why Recycling Plastics Needs Legislation to be Effective

Microplastics in drinking water : ‘It’s like eating a credit card every week’

...grow conventional cotton... We consume a credit card per week ! So, what is the impact of all this plastic contamination on humans? Brace yourself - “You co...