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Chicago green roof
Urban planning

Toronto Bylaw to Mandate Green Roofs

...roofs absorb that heat, often overwhelming our electrical grid with demands for cooling. It wasn't that long ago that green roofs were a novelty, and the only p...

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USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson home receives high praise from the USGBC roof and native plantings. The farm fields spread up to the house itself, carefully delineated with gentle low stone walls of local Catawba stone that con...

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Earth Day 50th Anniversary April 22 2020 - Ecohome
Climate Change

Earth Day 50th Anniversary is the 22 April 2020 - What's the History, and How can we all Help?

...Roofs , Green Insulation Product Choices , Green Technology Choices for Heating & Ventilation inc Smart Controls , Low VOC Green Paint & Interior Finishes , Gre...

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