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Renewable Energy - Houston goes for 100% green
Renewable Energy

City of Houston to be powered with 100% renewable energy In April, 2020, The City of Houston announced a renewed deal with NRG Energy as the City’s retail electric provider, with a commitment to purchase 100%...

BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...Energy and the B.C. director of the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors, “ We’re seeing a real surge in exceptionally energy-efficient buildings ...

New ecoMetrics Tool Unveiled at CaGBC Conference

Diamond Schmitt Architects creates tool to compare energy use data across building types reduction. The firm's new ecoMetrics tool allows for a comprehensive analysis of data from energy simulation models across a wide range of the compan...

2019 Renewables produced more Electric than Coal, Gas, Oil
Renewable Energy

In 2019, renewable energy sources produced more power in the US than fossil fuels providers make a full-scale shift towards clean energy generation. 2019 marks the first time clean renewable energy overtakes fossil fuel for power gen...

Coronavirus - clean energy & sustainables in jeopardy after covid-19 - IEA
Climate Change

Coronavirus poses a threat to climate action says The International Energy Agency (IEA) capital which have huge benefits for the clean energy transition.” The IEA’s analysis concluded that 70% of the world’s clean energy investments are go...

Heat Reflective Paint for Roofs & Walls, Does it Work?
Products and Materials

A new reflective paint can reduce energy consumption & lower cooling bills manner.“ While highly-reflective surfaces can have a notable effect on reducing energy consumption, the downside is that they can cause eye dama...

Smart Homes of the Future, Survey reveals what Adults & Kids think sustainable

The Future of Smart Homes, a recent survey explores how our homes will change to respond to climate change such as solar power or wind power Solar panel paint and solar panel windows to capture the sun’s natural energy to be used within the house Windows t...

Okanagan College
LEED Certification

Recognition keeps coming for one of world’s most sustainable buildings

Add another chapter to the sustainability story of Okanagan College’s Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Ener...

Renewable Energy

The best desk we've ever seen advocate. This type of technology has huge potential. We've seen it put to use at a few forward thinking gyms and health centres, turning their spinning ...

Carbon Emissions in the US reduced in 2019 - IEA Report Reveals
Climate Change

Carbon emissions declined in US in 2019 - a glimmer of hope for climate change goals?

This week the International Energy Agency released its report on global CO2 emissions, which totaled 33 gigatons of carbon released globally in 2019 . And the ...

Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

2015 Award Winning Project: Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

...Energy intensity [building and process energy] = 297.5 MJ/m2/year - Energy intensity reduction relative to reference building under MNECB = 68% - Potable wa...