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California adds $1,500 incentive for new electric vehicles - Nov 2020

California adds $1,500 incentive for new electric vehicles! Total state + fed incentives = up to $13.5K

...electric vehicles with a battery capacity greater than 5kwh. If you’re a resident there, then we say that now is the perfect time to switch over to the electric...

SUMO EV Car Sharing Launched in White Rock & Surrey BC

New EV car-sharing program SUMO launched in Surrey & White Rock, British Columbia

...electric vehicles for a soft launch of the business, with plans to expand to 2,000 all-electric vehicles by the year 2022. Gurm says they plan to have phase o...

Canadian new vehicle sales to be zero emissions by 2035

Canada requires all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in 2035 to produce no emissions

...vehicles.” - The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement Other intiatives to support a transition from gas to electric vehicles : ...

Modular EV Battery Swapping Stations by Ample are Launched

Modular EV battery swapping system makes EV battery filling as quick as gas powered vehicles

...vehicles to zero-emissions vehicles, and we are always happy to hear and spread such news. Now you know charging options for electric vehicles , learn...

World's First All Electric Commercial Aircraft Test Flight Richmond Vancouver BC
Renewable Energy

World's First All-electric Commercial Aircraft - Successful Test Flight Richmond Vancouver BC

...electric plane conversions on video below: If an all electric airplane isn't quite within reach yet, maybe the following articles about electric veh...

SEM-B Mobility Launches it's Sustainable Urban Transit Solution

A New and Sustainable Urban Transit System SEM-B Readies for Launch

...Electric Vehicles Learn about EVSE's here, and How to Choose Which are the Best California adds $1,500 Incentive for New Electric Vehicles Fin...

Sky Group to open carbon neutral film studio by 2022
Climate Change

Media giant Sky set to build carbon neutral film studio just outside London, UK

...electric vehicles , and have enough battery storage for 25% of it’s power consumption. The development at Elstree, near London, will cost hundreds of millions...

The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...Electric Vehicles are easier to find now, and California recently announced a $1500 rebate for Electric Vehicle purchases . This will stimulate the green energy...

Coronavirus - clean energy & sustainables in jeopardy after covid-19 - IEA
Climate Change

Coronavirus poses a threat to climate action says The International Energy Agency (IEA)

...electric vehicles will stagnate as well in 2020. How to maintain the switch to renewable energy after coronavirus? “We should not allow today’s (virus) cris...

Carbon Emissions in the US reduced in 2019 - IEA Report Reveals
Climate Change

Carbon emissions declined in US in 2019 - a glimmer of hope for climate change goals?

...electric vehicles , fuel-efficiency standards, water-efficient fixtures and low-flow toilets , it is truly a marvel that climate-change emissions have dropped a...

Heat Reflective Paint for Roofs & Walls, Does it Work?
Products and Materials

A new reflective paint can reduce energy consumption & lower cooling bills

...electric vehicles, and the implications are significant. By reducing the need for cabin cooling, that can lead to extended range of the best EVs , making them a...