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A building made from K-Tect’s foam and steel structural insulated pane
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A New High Performance Wall System Makes Inroads Into the Ottawa Construction Market

...EPS (expanded Polystyrene) foam-filled cavity. The metal does not pass through the wall panel, so there is no thermal bridging to cause heat loss. Foam insulati...

Cellulose Environmentally Friendly Rigid Foam Insulation Panels
Products and Materials

Cellulose rigid foam board insulation - the environmentally-friendly styrofoam replacement?

...EPS (expanded Polystyrene, probably the least problematic and the greenest foam insulation ), XPS (extruded Polystyrene) and Polyisocyanurate dominate the marke...

USGBC Outstanding Single Family Home of the Year Earthship Farmstead

Kaplan Thompson Earthship Farmstead home receives high praise from the USGBC

...EPS foam (two of the most environmentally friendly insulating product on the market). All flooring is local white oak, the cabinetry is Virginia black walnu...