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Living Building Challenge

One of the greenest homes on Earth is taking the Living Building Challenge in Alberta Canada - The Confluence

...concrete buildings Future-proof building techniques for a changing climate Find more about green home construction and reap the benefits of a free E...

Modular EV Battery Swapping Stations by Ample are Launched

Modular EV battery swapping system makes EV battery filling as quick as gas powered vehicles

...concrete and a move towards net zero energy housing are helping reduce emissions in the built environment. The transportation industry is not as easy to switch,...

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030
Energy efficiency

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

...Concrete Buildings The Low Carbon LEED Platinum S1600 Prefab Kit Home Future-Proof Building Techniques for a Changing Climate Resilient Design...

Bosco Verticale, The World's First Vertical Forest

Bosco Verticale, the world's first vertical forest

...concrete multilevel parking garage? Neither have I. The concept is a quite functional and efficient, albeit ugly, solution to parking predicaments. The land u...

Heat Reflective Paint for Roofs & Walls, Does it Work?
Products and Materials

A new reflective paint can reduce energy consumption & lower cooling bills

...Concrete Work? According to the study leader Dr. Yijun Chen, of Columbia University in New York - ”The paintable bilayer designs, which substantially outper...