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Tiny Houses now Legal in Washington State

Tiny Houses - Washington State legalizes tiny homes & Eco-villages for Affordable Housing in WA

...communities. However, a local government may require that the tiny houses contain at least one internal toilet and shower or that the mobile home communities mu...

BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...communities the power to mandate more energy efficient building standards. Cities and towns now have the clout to raise the bottom rung of their regional buildi...

Building with ICF in California Wildfire Zone - Habitat for Humanity
Products and Materials

Habitat for Humanity - building durable homes in California wildfire zones from ICF

...communities across the country,” said Mike Philipps, president of the NRMCA. “The NRMCA members are proud to supply concrete in all of these markets and to be s...

LEED Condos in Lac Megantic
LEED Certification

CaGBC lends its support to rebuilding efforts in Calgary and Lac-Mégantic

...communities, helping them become more resilient to future unforeseen events, weather-related or otherwise. Sustainable housing and commercial buildings with dur...

Canadian new vehicle sales to be zero emissions by 2035

Canada requires all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in 2035 to produce no emissions

...communities and other levels of government and stakeholders to confirm Canada’s approach will meet the 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales target by 2035. ...

Tiny Houses for Sale, Plans, how to Build all here at EcoHome
Urban planning

Tiny Houses - The first official Tiny Home Eco Village in Canada gets approval in Okotoks

...Communities to host design committees with key stakeholders for the ecovillage development, including the regional sustainable design community, utilities, ecov...

SEM-B Mobility Launches it's Sustainable Urban Transit Solution

A New and Sustainable Urban Transit System SEM-B Readies for Launch

...communities. Accessibility and inclusion, built in ! Many cities in North America have been studying how to cope with population growth in urban centres i...

Efficiency Capital Achieves Canada's First IREE Certification

Efficiency Capital Achieves Canada's First Retrofit IREE Certification

...communities. Now you know more about Efficiency Capital’s energy efficiency retrofit project for affordable housing in Ontario . Learn more about ener...

LEED Certification

OUR HOUSE: a community home building endeavour

...communities to follow suit. For the future: more affordable and sustainable housing! Alice Loney, Coordinator of the Carpentry and Carpentry Program, and Jo...

The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...communities and cities and on the farmlands, and securing environmental justice. Our plans are ambitious but we are America. We're bold ." Clean Energy, Publi...

The History of Earth Day up to 50th Anniversary April 22 2020 - Ecohome
Climate Change

Earth Day 50th Anniversary was the 22 April 2020 - What's the History?

...communities across the United States to the cause of educating people on environmental issues with the help of Denis Hayes, the organizer of the first Earth Day...