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The Top Construction Trends for USA & Canada in 2021!
Climate Change

Our Top Home Building Trends for 2021!

...climate targets and prevent runaway climate change. For the first time ever in 2019 renewable energy sources in the US produced more power than fossil fuels , s...

The History of Earth Day up to 50th Anniversary April 22 2020 - Ecohome
Climate Change

Earth Day 50th Anniversary was the 22 April 2020 - What's the History?

...climate change, was The Paris Agreement of 2016 [6]. The Paris Agreement – Earth Day 22nd of April 2016 – The World Unites for Climate Change To much fanfar...

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030
Energy efficiency

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

...climate innovator, we can make a significant contribution to solving climate change,” said Mike Lamach, chairman and chief executive officer for Trane Technolog...

Building with ICF in California Wildfire Zone - Habitat for Humanity
Products and Materials

Habitat for Humanity - building durable homes in California wildfire zones from ICF

...climate change causing emissions. A simple example of that would be our preference to choosing a slab on grade instead of a basement foundation as they have muc...

The tallest Passive House in the world will soon be built in Vancouver BC
Urban planning

Passive House reaches new heights in Vancouver Canada!

...climate emergency, and the call for architects, designers and builders to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings is growing louder. We commend the efforts of ...

Living Building Challenge

One of the greenest homes on Earth is taking the Living Building Challenge in Alberta Canada - The Confluence

...change the world one green building at a time." Alberta home The Confluence takes the Living Building Challenge The challenge goes far beyond installing...

Green Roof on Canadian Grocery Store

Green Roof on Canadian grocery store offers truly local produce

...changes to reduce your environmental footprint in these pages : DIY Green Roof Installation Video How your diet affects climate change, and how to c...

Modular EV Battery Swapping Stations by Ample are Launched

Modular EV battery swapping system makes EV battery filling as quick as gas powered vehicles

...climate change It is no secret that the world is facing a climate emergency, but solutions are on the way. Many advances in Low-Carbon construction, such as c...

Zero Waste to Landfill Project - Australian Supermarket Coles steps up

Zero Waste to Landfill Pilot Project - Australian Grocery Store Coles

...climate change, and how to choose low impact foods How to sort and dispose of compost and household waste Use your kitchen waste as compost to grow ...

Why Recycling Plastics Needs Legislation to be Effective

Microplastics in drinking water : ‘It’s like eating a credit card every week’

...change is responsible for countless environmental time bombs currently ticking away in a dangerous and uncontrolled global experiment. What can we do about mi...

Cellulose Environmentally Friendly Rigid Foam Insulation Panels
Products and Materials

Cellulose rigid foam board insulation - the environmentally-friendly styrofoam replacement?

...climate change and their own carbon footprint they are looking towards Green Building techniques and the better manufacturers are responding by providing more s...