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Tesla solar roof
Renewable Energy

The Tesla Solar Roof price and release date

...Canada this summer, though there may be a waiting list at first. As for cost, the claim about it being cheaper than standard roof coverings is a little dubious ...

BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...Canada. “ The province has proven out an innovative new model for transforming communities for a low-carbon future, and other provinces and territories can conf...

Tiny Houses for Sale, Plans, how to Build all here at EcoHome
Urban planning

Tiny Houses - The first official Tiny Home Eco Village in Canada gets approval in Okotoks

The First Tiny House strata in Canada is Officially approved in Okotoks Here at EcoHome we love Tiny Houses, which is probably why we have a full section dev...

LEED Condos in Lac Megantic
LEED Certification

CaGBC lends its support to rebuilding efforts in Calgary and Lac-Mégantic

...Canada. In addition to LEED, the CaGBC also supports the Living Building Challenge, Passive House Standard and EcoDistricts in Canada.

SUMO EV Car Sharing Launched in White Rock & Surrey BC

New EV car-sharing program SUMO launched in Surrey & White Rock, British Columbia

...Canada. SUMO car-sharing service is coming to surrey & white rock BC Canada The service will be first launched based on a round-trip model, with SUMO br...

Canadian LEED certification shows strong growth in first four months o
LEED Certification

Canadian LEED certification shows strong growth in first four months of 2015

...Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) saw a very strong start to 2015 in terms of green building certifications in Canada, with 135 registrations and 202 certif...


Got a Home You Want to Show Off? Nominate Yourself for an Award.

...Canada including single- and multi-family housing, both new and renovated. Commercial, institutional, industrial and interior projects outside of Part 9, incl...

Energy efficiency

Vancouver tests Passive House efficiency with the Ice Box Challenge

...Canada to coordinate an Ice Box Challenge of their own this past summer. Similarly, two small structures - one built according to the British Columbia Building ...

Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declared by UK Architects
Climate Change

UK Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

...Canada , but that it took Germany to see and capitalize on the potential! Talk about a missed opportunity for the North American construction industry... Th...

Tiny Houses now Legal in Washington State

Tiny Houses - Washington State legalizes tiny homes & Eco-villages for Affordable Housing in WA

...Canada as people realize that “Quality of Life” doesn’t depend on surrounding yourself with “Stuff”. Despite this, Tiny Houses have faced significant regulato...

Earth Day 50th Anniversary April 22 2020 - Ecohome
Climate Change

Earth Day 50th Anniversary is the 22 April 2020 - What's the History, and How can we all Help?

...Canada the Native Americans have maintained a stoic stance towards “The White Invaders” or more precisely their Industries, environmentally speaking. With the...