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Home Energy labeling, Impact of Mandatory labels on Real Estate prices US Canada
Real estate

The North American Property market faces a ticking timebomb - Mandatory energy labeling - and here's what to do about it

...with the introduction of mandatory home energy labeling for property resales - which are now in place. And, with the proposal to impose a minimum performance le...

Greenwashing - CMA Launches a New Investigation to Recognize it and Stop It
Products and Materials

The UK Competition and Markets Authority is investigating "Greenwashing" of Products - Good!

...building materials , building with recyled wood , and other easy choices that help reduce the environmental footprint of construction projects , all in these pa...

Coronavirus - clean energy & sustainables in jeopardy after covid-19 - IEA
Climate Change

Coronavirus poses a threat to climate action says The International Energy Agency (IEA)

...building techniques here : Compare the Carbon Footprint of Wood v Steel V Concrete Buildings Future-proof building techniques for a changing climate...

Why Recycling Plastics Needs Legislation to be Effective

Microplastics in drinking water : ‘It’s like eating a credit card every week’

...building materials and reducing construction waste on a path to substantially reducing the environmental impact of humans and their buildings. True green home b...

Carbon negative concrete CMU blocks
Climate Change

Carbon negative concrete goes into pioneering “green” CMU blocks – Quebec leads the way!

...Building Guide and in the pages below: Compare the carbon footprint of wood v steel v concrete buildings Future-proof building techniques for a chan...