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World's tallest skyscraper planned for Vienna Austria

276 foot wood frame skyscraper planned for Vienna

...with concrete and steel and more with wood, our climate would thank us, or at least it may punish us less. Lots of 6 storey wooden buildings are popping up, o...

The nail puller Pneumatic tool for reclaiming old lumbe
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Salvaging old lumber with the Nail Kicker

...wood compared to the labour costs that would be incurred by pulling nails from otherwise usable wood. The Nail Kicker costs a little over $400 to purchase, wh...

Living Building Challenge

One of the greenest homes on Earth is taking the Living Building Challenge in Alberta Canada - The Confluence

...Building Challenge - to change the world one green building at a time." Alberta home The Confluence takes the Living Building Challenge The challenge go...

A building made from K-Tect’s foam and steel structural insulated pane
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A New High Performance Wall System Makes Inroads Into the Ottawa Construction Market

...With a passive solar design, airtight building envelope and no thermal bridging, this family enjoys an energy-efficient home with superior indoor air quality. S...

Ikea - Just How Sustainable is the Swedish Big-Box Furniture Retailer?
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Ikea Sustainability and their new Sell-Back Program

...wood finish to a table Without realizing it or paying a premium for it, Ikea customers are often going home with healthier and more sustainable products any...

Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

2015 Award Winning Project: Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

...building was designed with three large ventilation towers, and the plan oriented to take advantage of prevailing winds. • A cruciform plan was chosen, with na...

Building with ICF in California Wildfire Zone - Habitat for Humanity
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Habitat for Humanity - building durable homes in California wildfire zones from ICF

...with concrete, we do suggest seeking out reduced carbon concrete all the same. Habitat for Humanity - building with ICF in CA Alexandria, VA — Build with St...

CarbonCure low carbon footprint ready mix concrete
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Two startups cutting emissions from the use of concrete have won the $20 million Carbon Xprize.

...building techniques here : Compare the carbon footprint of wood v steel v concrete Buildings Future-proof building techniques for a changing climate...

Cellulose Environmentally Friendly Rigid Foam Insulation Panels
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Cellulose rigid foam board insulation - the environmentally-friendly styrofoam replacement?

...wood fiber insulation is 0.040 w / mK. Preliminary research is also showing these lightweight CNC foam boards can withstand up to 200 times their weight witho...

2019 Renewables produced more Electric than Coal, Gas, Oil
Renewable Energy

In 2019, renewable energy sources produced more power in the US than fossil fuels

...Building Guide. and in the pages below: Compare the carbon footprint of wood v steel v concrete buildings Future-proof building techniques for a cha...

Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030
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Trane Technologies Plans to Cut Product Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

...Building Guide pages : Compare the Carbon Footprint of Wood v Steel V Concrete Buildings The Low Carbon LEED Platinum S1600 Prefab Kit Home Fu...