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BC Energy Step Code - Building Sustainable Homes in Canada
Policy and Regulations

BC Leads the way in energy efficient housing and green job creation though the BC Energy Step Code

...building codes - the new BC Energy Step Code is only one example - find out more about how to do a Blower Door Test . Read more about Vancouver's Greenest Cit...

The tallest Passive House in the world will soon be built in Vancouver BC
Urban planning

Passive House reaches new heights in Vancouver Canada!

...BC Step Code to promote more energy efficient and airtight building standards . By promoting the Passive House Green Home Rating System and making it easier f...

Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

2015 Award Winning Project: Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

...building for its head office that would reflect its unique corporate culture. The Vancouver, BC site chosen for the 12,100m2 building is southeast of the city c...

Home Energy labeling, Impact of Mandatory labels on Real Estate prices US Canada
Real estate

The North American Property market faces a ticking timebomb - Mandatory energy labeling - and here's what to do about it

...building step codes that are being widely adopted are often so much more stringent than existing building codes. Energy efficiency performance has never improve...