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Concept, design and architecture

Efficient home design 800 watt heater. Having house plans drawn: Working with an architect: An architect will provide you with full professional services, meaning: ...

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Skygarden House home renovation in Toronto earns Canadian Green Buildi
Real estate

The Skygarden House renovation in Toronto wins 2016 Canadian Green Building Award

...anadian Green Building Awards and is a great example of the kind of transformation and performance enhancement that is possible with dilapidated houses in urban...

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Living green roof on the Helen Schuler Nature centre
Roof coverings

Living roofs: the secrets to success anticipated maintenance costs, and an overall sense of disappointment. As a result of the dialog between the client, landscape architect and local plant supp...

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Balanced insulation levels in a home
Efficient home design

Balanced insulation: putting it where it does the most good

...andomly, or would want an even level of concrete to hold back as much water as possible? You certainly wouldn't want an extremely high wall on one side and lowe...

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Concept, design and architecture

Important tips for a successful build or renovation

...and in hand with not overestimating your own skills, as many owner/builders assume they can build larger without expanding a budget, by counting their own labou...

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Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation on Campbell Island,
Passive House

Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation in British Columbia

...ansportation by truck and barge also had to be understood, and the risks and uncertainties mitigated within a fixed-price quotation. One significant advantage o...

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