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...carpets are available, though they can be a little pricey. The healthiest carpets will be natural fibres like sisal, wool or sea grasses. Wool carpeting is quite durable and completely non-toxic, super comfortable, if a little pricey. Sisal rugs are another excellent green carpet choice, as they are also very durable, ...

Eco-friendly & Healthy Flooring is best for Green Homes
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Eco-Friendly Flooring material options for Green-Homes

...Carpets: With the exception of certain area rugs, we really aren't big fans of carpeting. While the industry has set itself on a course of cleaning up its emissions and reputation, overall it still has a poor environmental record in production, not to mention the effects of carpets on the air quality of our homes. ...

Fire retardants in furniture are intended to slow flames
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Flame retardants in furnishings - an unnecessary and serious health risk

With the intention of reducing the speed at which flames can spread, fire-retardant compounds are added to almost all the materials we furnish our homes with: children's toys, curtains, carpets, mattresses, sofas, electronics, plastic, etc. How flame retardants work: The chemicals generally used as flame retardant...