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Correct window installation details
Windows and doors

How to install windows for your house, see here . The Demo House has triple-glazed argon-filled wood frame windows from Quebec high performance window manufacturer Elite ...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...performance values of individual windows to give you a rating of between 0 and 50 as to exactly how your window will perform. With windows, you get what yo...

When should you replace windows
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When should you replace old windows?

...Windows, Replace or Repair? We often get asked if it is a good idea to replace old windows with new and better performing windows to save money. Usually to...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House

...performance the home is designed to be . Window flashing detail in a high-performance home with exterior insulation © Glen Sakuth Angled bot...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

The best tips for buying windows with high quality window frames. And remember that the frame of your window can actually represent up to 25% of the total window area, so the same ...

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy
Concept, design and architecture

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy - video

...Window openings were built out to allow for the additional exterior insulation. The Delta air barrier was wrapped around the entire window box and into the inte...


Case Study: Kenogami House, Saguenay, Quebec

...Windows are triple pane, fibreglass framed, argon filled with an average R value of 4.5. Window glazing is 91% south facing to avoid heat loss and maximise sola...

Skylights can be problematic in a high performance home
Windows and doors

Are skylights an asset or a liability?

...performance. Below are some valuable tips for window installation. Also, See here to know which type of window frame to choose between wood, aluminum or PV...

Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation on Campbell Island,
Passive House

Multi-unit Passive House for Heiltsuk First Nation in British Columbia by Euroline Windows Inc. ; split system heat pumps and Comfoair 200 HRV units by Zehnder . Project credits: Owner Vancouver Coastal Health ...

Heat Recovery Ventilation - Lunos video

Lunos ductless air exchanger

...performance home, bringing in fresh air and removing moisture. An HRV uses the heat in stale exhaust air to warm incoming fresh air. Until now, this has meant a...

Choosing a building envelope
Wall assemblies - new construction

Choosing a building envelope - starting with the perfect wall

...performance as of 2012, it is now required in most areas that you break thermal bridges with some form of continuous insulation. With that, performance has...