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Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
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How to install windows for the best performance and durability

...window frames to rough openings can be a quick and easy step that will further reduce any risk of air leakage between window frames and rough openings. 5- ...

Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
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Choosing windows - Material options and function

...window frames: Window frames can be made from a variety of materials offering different levels of performance and insulation values. Air in the cavities be...

When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows? with Low- E coatings and wood or fiberglass frames. A truly accurate assessent of whether or not you should replace windows would take a quote of t...

Triple pane, high performance windows
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What to look for when buying windows with high quality window frames. And remember that the frame of your window can actually represent up to 25% of the total window area, so the same ...

Icicles are an indication of heat loss, which can cause damage to insu
Wall assemblies - renovation

Winter troubleshooting - are you ready for the cold? with plastic will likely mean you can keep your thermostat a little lower and feel the same level of comfort. It will also protect your window fram...

cold climat sk
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Skylights: an asset or a liability?

...frames and gas-filled chambers between panes. Relative Humidity (RH) is also a factor - condensation is worsened by higher levels of humidity in homes. Low...

How radiant floors work
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

How to design for thermal comfort in a home As warm, humid indoor air comes in contact with cold windows in winter, it cools, the moisture within it condenses on the window, and the cooler, d...

Solariums in cold climates
Greenhouses and Sunrooms / Solariums

Solariums in cold climates won't heat your home "We had a sofa leaning against the glass wall in the middle of the solarium, and when sitting there in winter it often felt like there was a window ope...

Harold Orr, one of the early innovators of high performance home desig
Passive solar home design

The principal designer of the house that inspired the global Passivhaus movement reflects on the project that started it all.

...window manufacturers are now building triple glazed, double low E, argon filled windows with very tight well insulated window frames. Exterior door units ar...

Passive House in Quebec
Passive House

Passive-Aggressive House

...window shutters meant to compensate for the flimsy windows they had to settle for. The Germans didn’t forget, however. Wolfgang Feist, one of the two physicists...