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Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory
Living Building Challenge

What is the Living Building Challenge?

...What is the Living building challenge? The Living Building Challenge is the most rigorous and comprehensive of all building rating systems. Performance requir...

Leed platinum plaque
Green building certifications

All about green home certification programs & rating systems for USA & Canada

...The Living Building Challenge: By far the hardest certification to achieve, the Living Building Challenge is for the hardcore green builder. This rating syste...

Resilient Homes, why they're important in dealing with Climate Change
Lifestyle and environment

Resilient Homes; Why we need to build to withstand climate change events

...the paint and finish, is the most important part of building a home. Get the building envelope right first, then get the aesthetics and the useability right, an...

Off-grid LEED Gold house in Low, Quebec
LEED Homes

Canada Ranks as the top country for LEED green building for second year in a row

...the larger community. The United States, the birthplace of LEED, is not included in this list but remains the world's largest market for LEED. The U.S. is the w...

Passive House certification - PHI or PHIUS? The Spring House Passive House
Passive House

Everything you need to know about Passive House certification

...The primary goal of both bodies is the same - to design buildings that use next to no energy. The point where they diverge is in how they evaluate the performan...

The passive solar home in Lac Kenogami, Quebec
Passive solar home design

Ecohome design wins House of the Year Award from Green Builder® Magazine

...the sun, with our help of course. The Kenogami House is not heated entirely by the sun, as it is located on the edge of where this is even possible, but it ca...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED house in Low, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog: a firsthand account of building and living in a remote area

...the house, this means that the forest begins only 20 feet from the house. To the southeast is a grassy yard big enough to cover the septic field, and to the eas...

As our climate adapts to human carbon emissions, homes have to change
Lifestyle and environment

Changing homes in a changing climate

...is attractive to many people. The challenge of living near rivers and lakes is that they may flood, and oceans constantly erode shorelines. In the US, the Arm...

Passive House in Quebec
Passive House

The Passive-Aggressive House - Our History of a Passivhaus Build

...the builder and architects. This became a race to see who’d be the first to throw the other under the bus. The builder would say the plans from the architects w...

Natural backyard swimming pool design (NSP)
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural ponds and natural swimming pools

...what they all have in common in this northern climate is the need to prepare for winter. Do the following towards the end of the season while the leaves are sti...

Canada one of the top 10 countries building LEED homes
LEED Homes

The top 10 countries outside the U.S. certifying buildings with the LEED rating system

...The CaGBC is the license holder for the LEED green building rating system in Canada. In addition to LEED, the CaGBC also supports the Living Building Challenge,...