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LEED Homes

What is different with LEED V4?

...isting data centers, new and existing warehouse and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail, and multifamily midrise. To view the r...

LEED for homes rating system.
LEED Homes

What is LEED?

...LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized rating system for commercial buildings and homes administered by the CaGBC...

House built by Matthew Smith of Mapleridge Homes
LEED Homes

LEED comes to the gatineau hills

...is up with a bunch of houses, what we’re trying to do is create a really special place to live” says Bélisle . Home designs will begin at 1,600 square feet fo...

LEED Platinum prefabricated home Kit
LEED Homes

LEED® Platinum prefab kit home has superior air quality and performance

...LEED provider) Evaluations Ecohabitation , Roman Szumski shared his goals and design choices, highlighting the influence of his workplace on his decisions: E:...

Why build LEED?
LEED Homes

Why build LEED?

...LEED certified builders, only LEED certified buildings. To build a home to LEED certification is something that is accessible to anyone, no accreditation is r...

Leed platinum plaque
Green building certifications

All about green home certification programs & rating systems for USA & Canada

...istance is available. Rénoclimat (Quebec only): This is another Quebec Government program, for home renovations. Under Rénoclimat your home is assessed by p...

What is a heat pump
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Heat pumps: what they are and how they work

...is condensed back into liquid form. The result of this condensation is that the refrigerant will lose its heat. This is what is what is occurring right now in y...

LEED Homes

Getting Started

...LEED The LEED ® Canada for Homes certification program is based on documentation of the building process and visual inspections by LEED certified Green Rate...

Mineral wool insulation in roof by Rockwool - LEED Platinum V4
Roof assemblies - new construction

Mineral wool insulation in roofs by Rockwool

...is a key component to us achieving an extremely energy efficient house. This is capped off with a living Green roof - see more here . “The Edelweiss House is ...

Laminate Kitchen countertops can be beautiful & green too - Counter by Formica

Choosing green kitchen countertops for sustainable homes Including LEED v4 & Passive House PHIUS+ certified

...istant than stainless steel, but with this one we have heard you won’t see a difference. The counter is very healthy as it has no VOCs, it is stain resistant,...

Off grid, passively heated and cooled house in the Gatineau Hills, Que
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off grid and passively heated, this house in Low, Quebec is aiming for LEED certification

...what it is intended to do - stop air leakage - which commonly accounts for about a third of the heat loss of a home and the greatest risk for moisture damage in...