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Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - How to apply fiberglass attic insulation
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Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - the "how to apply" guide - step by step

...anada) It is highly recommended that you also have an attestation form (if applicable for your retrofit) confirming that: Installation of an electrical or mechanical system has been completed by a trained and licensed professional Geothermal system was installed in accordance with CSA standards The heat pump ha...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED house in Low, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog: a firsthand account of building and living in a remote area

...is 2x8 wall is the polyethylene air/vapour barrier. Inside of that is a 2x4 utility wall, holding all of the electrical, plumbing, and data cabling. This wall is also insulated with Roxul batts. Finally, a standard layer of sheetrock covers the interior walls. A big advantage of the utility wall is that all of the open...

How to fix noisy baseboard heaters
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Fixing noisy baseboard heaters, How to stop that clicking easily !

...ating system across Canada and also fitted as a budget heating system across the USA , so they are well known. They are inexpensive to buy and relatively quick to install, which is also probably a large part of the reason they are so often chosen. Electric baseboard heaters are basically zone heaters. They are typica...

Passive House in Quebec
Passive House

The Passive-Aggressive House - Our History of a Passivhaus Build

...Ann Cavlovic is a writer living in the Ottawa area. Her fiction and essays have appeared in several Canadian journals and newspapers including The Fiddlehead , The Globe and Mail , and PRISM international. Find her at: www.anncavlovic.com . Article first written in Canadian Architect Magazine,

The LEED rating system
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The LEED rating system

...appliances and fixtures. Certification requires a blower door test where homes are depressurized and tested for air leaks before drywall is installed, so any necessary air seal repairs can be made. Minimum standards must be met for certification and points are awarded for exemplary performance. This category also d...