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Passive House design Vancouver
Passive House

The city of Vancouver is actively promoting Passive House construction

...waterproofing, soundproofing, air barriers and vapour control • high efficiency windows • natural and mechanical ventilation Training city staff: The city has hired Passive House Canada (PHC) to train more than a hundred City of Vancouver staff (plan checkers, rezoning planners, development planners, inspectors...

Built to ENDURE: the Net Zero Heat Kenogami House
Efficient home design

The Kenogami House: designed to ENDURE

...waterproofing membrane under steel roof covering Foundation anchored in rock User friendly: Regardless of sustainability, a building will not stand the true test of time unless it is designed with quality of life for occupants as a priority. A home must be relatively simple and affordable ...

Permeable interlock pavers & paving stones
Permeable laneways and patios

Water-permeable landscaping surfaces

...waterproofing the joints. If weeds can't come up then water can't seep down. To maintain permeability at this point, you'd want to go with either pure sand in the joints, or pea gravel, which as the name suggests, is gravel about the size of peas. This will fill the joint but still allow water to flow through and inh...

Using caulk to make a seal, but which type is best?
Air and vapour barriers

Which is the best caulk or sealant for caulking windows and bathrooms etc?

...waterproofing windows, doors and glazing the material itself is intrinsically water repellant which is great if carefully and well applied to direct water away from possible ingess points into a building structure. Which caulk or sealant lasts the longest? In general, silicone sealants (acetic acid-cure) are solven...

Why basements flood and how to prevent that with a sump pump
Basements improvements

Why Basements Flood & How to Prevent Flooded Basements

...waterproofing and insulation (see our pages on how to renovate basements so they don’t turn moldy and best practices for insulating new basements in cold climates ) Waterproof foundation membranes and drainage tiles directed towards sump pumps prevents basement floods. It's also a great idea to check around bas...

ICF Block Construction - The Definitive History of ICFs from 1932 to 2022 © R j
Concrete and masonry

The definitive history of ICF blocks and ICF construction

...waterproofing admixtures. The main inconvenience with forming concrete this way is how to effectively insulate the completed structure if environmental conditions require it. Permanent Insulated Concrete Formwork or Insulating Concrete Forms . Insulating concrete forms or insulated concrete forms (ICF) are a system o...