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Shipping Container Homes in a Warm Climate might be a good option
Tiny house

Beautiful shipping container homes - Tiny Houses in warm climates

...warmer climate zone This warm climate shipping container home has a cool deck for a tiny house This Tiny House consists of a converted shipping contai...

Wood pellet stoves that don't need electric ideal for off grid operation
Wood stove and biomass heat

These wood pellet stoves for off-grid heating don't need electric to operate

...warm the baffle and create a draft, when it hits a certain temperature you let the pellets drop in and keep the torch on them until they ignite. That's still mu...

Building Climate Zones USA & Canada Maps Help with Specification of Homes
Planning and Design

Climate Zones in USA & Canada for Building Homes

...climate, but also an example of why there are limitations to how accurate the climate zone map can be. And to say a climate zone is based on the temperature a...

Skylights can be problematic in a high performance home
Windows and doors

Are skylights an asset or a liability?

...warm air to collect. Wherever there is a concentration of warm, humid air in a home there will be an increased rate of heat loss in winter. But the problem do...

Thermal image showing where home heat loss is occurring.
Insulation and soundproofing

How insulation works

...warm air leaks out it is replaced with cold air, and 2 - if you think of the 'wind chill' effect, a drafty house means a warmer overall temperature will be need...

R values and insulation performance
Efficient home design

Understanding thermal performance

...climates we think of increased R-values as preventing heat loss from the warmer interior to the colder exterior, in some cases R-value can actually prevent pote...

The difference between air barriers and vapour barriers
Air and vapour barriers

The Difference between air barriers and vapor barriers

...warm side of your insulation to stop warm, moist air from condensing on a cold surface inside your wall. In cold climates like Canada, for most of the year th...

Alex and Jerelyn Wilson's Vermont farm
Lifestyle, location and commuting

Creating a farm and building a resilient lifestyle

...climate is changing, disastrous weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, resources like energy, food and water are becoming more and more scarce in...

The Affordable Architect-Designed Modern Green prefab 2 Bed kit home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed modern Green prefab 2 bed kit home

...warm climate, take a look at these shipping container homes for inspiration instead.) Le Refuge - design, practicality, energy-performance & affordability in ...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

We are seeing more frequent and more severe weather events as our climate changes, and all evidence points to that trend continuing. Here we have a list of way...

What is a heat pump
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Heat pumps: what they are and how they work

...climate. In very cold climates where the temperature often drops below -10 degrees Celsius, heat pumps can become less effective. Although heat can still be e...