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Installing Siding Correctly
Exterior cladding

How to install siding

...that the material be consistent in size to avoid walls looking warped. Air space behind correctly installed siding for drying and drainage © Ecohome Can you keep water and moisture out of walls? Some of the things we do that were originally intended to keep walls dry (polyethylene vapour bar...

Gabion walls can be used for building homes
Concrete and masonry

Gabion Walls - what is a gabion cage & how to build with them?

...that can be filled with soil to encourage plant growth and act as a berm for flood protection; Their appearance can vary depending on the color and consistency of the stones chosen. How much do gabion walls cost? The nice surprise for gabion walls is how affordable they can be. While a dry stacked stone wall ae...

How to insulate basements properly
Insulation and soundproofing

Best practices for basement insulation in new home construction

...that prevent walls from drying. 6 mil poly vapour barriers are an above grade solution intended to allow walls to dry to the exterior, that is impossible below grade. The only drying that will take place below grade will be inwards. Building scientists agree that polyethylene vapour barriers on the inside of baseme...

How to Insulate Exterior Walls from the Outside US Canada Ecohome
Walls and Roofs

The easiest way to insulate walls from the exterior in older homes

...walls here : Choosing a house wrap, which is best? How to choose between OSB and Plywood sheathing for Walls The difference between air barriers and vapor barriers How to install siding so walls can dry How to install windows properly in high-performance walls Find more about green h...

Tyvek home wrap left exposed to wind and UV rays
Air and vapour barriers

Choosing the right house wrap / weather barrier, which is best?

...can still drain and air can still rise. Without that space behind it, horizontal strapping can lead to a small amount of standing water that can saturate building materials. That gap in a rain screen doesn't need to be significant, just enough for water to drain and air to rise. If the weather barrier is tightly atta...

What is Interstitial Condensation? (And how to stop it!)
Walls and Roofs

What is Interstitial Condensation in Walls or Roofs? (And how to stop it!)

...walls. Does interstitial condensation cause damage? Yes, interstitial condensation can lead to damage in homes, the moisture deposited in walls or roofs can lead to rot, mold and hidden structural damage. Just like dry rot, Interstitial condensation can be difficult to diagnose due to the fact that it’s hard to...

Slab-on-grade construction technical guide
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade technical guide

...walls need to be able to dry in at least one direction. In a cold climate, the walls above ground should be designed to dry predominantly to the outside. But, since soil is for all intents and purposes 'water', basement walls need to dry to the inside. Common building practice does not account for this, and a disturb...

Building Climate Zones USA & Canada Maps Help with Specification of Homes
Planning and Design

Climate Zones in USA & Canada for Building Homes

...dry climate zone corresponds to the portions of IECC zones 2 and 3 in the dry category. Mixed-Dry climate zone Defined as: any region that receives less than 20 inches (50 cm) of precipitation annually, that has approximately 5,400 heating degree days (on the 65°F basis) or less, and where the average monthly outdo...

Pre-fabricated straw bale SIPS panels, an environmental choice
Wall assemblies - new construction

Modern straw bale SIPS construction: high performance, durable, affordable & interesting

...that a straw panel will be able to dry to either side, compared to most homes that include an impermeable barrier of polyethylene that prevents drying to the interior during our hot, humid summer months, which can cause condensation and hence excessive vapor & mold in the house walls . Straw bale built ...

Finished basements can lead to mold and mildew
Healthy indoor air quality

Why are basements moldy? How to fix or Prevent a Moldy Basement

...dry, they are already soaking wet. All it will do is prevent the thousands of liters of water that are already in the wall from drying safely to the inside, where it could easily be handled by a dehumidifier or by ventilation with an HRV or ERV System . The only way walls below grade can possibly dry is to the inside...

How to Build With Less Wood for Best Performance
Wood and organic materials

How to build high performance homes with less lumber

...that is fully insulated and protected from moisture, you will have a dry, healthy and durable basement that won’t develop mold in walls since it is separated on all surfaces from ground moisture. ICF walls are also airtight, soundproof, earthquake resistant, and reasonably well-insulated. So what’s not to love? Well…...