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How to Build With Less Wood for Best Performance
Wood and organic materials

How to build high performance homes with less lumber

...building homes with less lumber, find more about green home construction and choosing sustainable and healthy building materials in the pages below and in the Ecohome Green Building Guide pages . How to design a home for thermal comfort and energy efficiency The best lumber choices for timber frame construc...

Slab-on-grade for Ecohome's upcoming video building guide
Slab on Grade

how to build a slab-on-grade on standard soil

...building. For problem soils see our pages on raft slabs and building on problem soils. 1. Creating a level building surface After the land was cleared, compactable fill was brought in to bring the site to a workable level. The house sits at about grade at the north side, but needed about 3 feet of fill at the south...

Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from well water below for greater detail on how these types of systems work. That covers Removing Radon Gas from Well Water, also be sure to find out How to control radon gas in homes , Removing Radon gas from Crawlspaces & Basements , and the dangers of microplastics in drinking water , all in the Green Building Guide Pag...

Natural swimming pool design DIY (NSP) for eco homes
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural pools and natural swimming pools

...Guide from one of the foremost experts in DIY Natural pool construction that you can keep and refer to later, Click Here Or to see the North American version of his "How To" Pool construction Video Guide Click Here . The Definitive DIY Natural Pool Design & Construction Guide is available here As is always th...

Tiny House living in cold climates - one of the best tiny homes on wheels
Tiny house

Tiny Houses - Living in Cold Climates

...Building in the Ecohome Building Guide Pages .

Earth day celebrations for 50th Anniversary
Lifestyle and environment

50th anniversary Earth day 2020 taking place online lesson plans, created by the Nature Conservancy, is great for learning ecology. There are science-based lessons with accompanying videos, virtual field trip videos, and Meet the Scientist videos. Earth Day Network’s Environmental Curriculum : This EDN-produced environmental education program is a great resource...

Installing foam panel insulation, which is best?
Insulation and soundproofing

Rigid insulation panels: which ones to use for different applications

...Building High-Performance Walls: Be sure to read the EcoHome Guide to High Performance wall construction here And watch the Video Guide to high performance wall construction and insulation here Both from the EcoHome Green Building Guides

Affordable Modern Prefab Eco Homes Available - The S1600
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The S1600 - affordable modern prefab eco homes for families

...buildings report growth in interest 2020 How to stay on budget when building a home Tips for a successful green home build Resilient design features for new home construction Are shipping container homes good or bad? Find more about green home construction in the EcoHome Green Building Gui...

Eco-friendly & Healthy Flooring is best for Green Homes
Flooring and stairs

Eco-Friendly Flooring material options for Green-Homes building guide to learn about cork floor installation. Pros: Natural air pockets make cork soft, well-insulated, and give it excellent acoustic properties for absorbing sound. As a finished flooring product it brings a very unique and warm feel to a home. Cons: The core is often made from a high-density fibre...

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Easy DIY Project
Mechanical systems

Smart door lock buying guide

...Building Guide pages - also, learn more about the benefits of a free Ecohome Network Membership here .

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home is affordably Close
Planning and Design

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home gets affordably Close below. Now you know more about the embodied energy in building materials and how to reduce the carbon footprint of homes . Find more pages about sustainable construction and how to reduce emissions on the pages below and in the EcoHome Green Building Guide pages . Take a closer look at the ran...