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Naugler House: the most energy efficient Passive House design in New Brunswick
Efficient home design

New Brunswick's most energy efficient home is Passive House designed

...barrier: OSB with SIGA air barrier tapes Tyvek® water-resistive barrier in rain screen Passive House Windows : Internorm ThermoPassiv sourced through Northwin Windows Thermolec 2kw Thermo Air resistance heater unit Zehnder Comfoair 200 HRV Naugler House annual heating cost [2012-2013] kWh used 690.2 $...

Radon Mitigation - Installing a radon evacuation stack in a slab floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Mitigating radon gas in homes

...vapour/radon barrier and a simple PVC tube and a T-junction can give radon gas an easy escape route. It is a very simple and low-cost procedure that has great results in reducing radon levels in homes simply due to the natural stack effect. An electrical junction box should be located near the stack in order to allow f...

Building a Passive House that's LEED Certified too - an Owner's Tale
Passive House

An owner/builder's account of building a Passive House

...vapour barrier inside and the air barrier outside is vapour open while offering amazing water resistance (allowing any humidity that might find its way into the wall cavity to dry to the outside). Picking & installing the right air/water membranes and appropriate tapes and being incredibly meticulous in their applicati...

Frost in Attics: What causes Attic Ice? How to Fix it?
Roof assemblies - renovation

Why is there frost in my attic? Is ice in roofs a problem & How do I stop it?

...barrier at all, you really do need one. This requires lifting insulation, laying down a polyethylene vapour barrier over the whole surface (it can go up and down over joists) then reinstalling the insulation. Make sure the poly is well-taped at the seams and on the sides as well, it will serve little purpose if it allo...

Prefab frost-protected shallow foundation insulated form kit
Slab on Grade

Raft slabs - How to build Insulated Frost Protected shallow foundations (FPSF) on problem soils

...vapour barrier protected between layers of EPS foam © Legalett Read more about Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundation Form Systems here , from the EcoHome Green Building Guides

What is Interstitial Condensation? (And how to stop it!)
Walls and Roofs

What is Interstitial Condensation in Walls or Roofs? (And how to stop it!)

...barriers and vapor barriers .) Materials with low vapour resistance should be positioned on the cooler side of the construction (although this can be problematic where for example the external siding is impermeable - another reason we encourage readers to carefully choose the right exterior siding ). Ventilated cav...

Installing Siding Correctly
Exterior cladding

How to install siding

...vapour barriers, for example) are now more commonly keeping them wet. We have grown to rely heavily on caulking - often referred to as 'liquid carpenter' - as a a cure-all for every mistake, and to allow for quicker installation by cutting less precisely. Caulking or scribe in a tube is an excuse for poor siding in...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in?

...vapour barrier , where it isn't necessarily doing that great a job anyway. Using old containers as the launching pad of a home building project locks up huge amounts of metal that could be far more useful in other applications. With all that said, kudos to container house builders for their vision, innovation, compac...

Dense-packed cellulose wall insulation
Wall assemblies - new construction

Dense-packed cellulose insulation wall systems

...vapour retarder/air barrier 4) Mesh barrier for cellulose installation 5) Wood studs and cellulose fibre insulation 6) Semi-permeable foam 7) Drainage plane 8) Furring strips 9) Exterior cladding Dense-packed cellulose wall insulation cuttaway © Ecohome However, if high effici...

Slab on grade or a foundation and basement?
Foundation choices

Choosing between a slab-on-grade or a foundation and basement

...vapour barrier, and a lot of mechanical infrastructure before you pour. None of that should discourage you, that will all be necessary under your basement floor anyway. You can put flooring material on top of a slab, but simple finishes include acid staining, adding colour, cutting tile patterns, or the simplest and ...

Polished concrete floors and counters
Paints, finishes and natural coatings

Finishing concrete floors with silicate densifiers

...vapour barrier below it or if the concrete has not sufficiently dried, 'waterproof' sealers such as most epoxies are, can bubble and peel as moisture rises from below. If you don't know if there is vapour protection under a concrete slab, be sure to use a breathable sealer. It's probably a good idea to go for a breat...