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Bike lanes in Vancouver
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Vancouver's goal of becoming the Greenest City by 2020

...Vancouver has taken a page from that book, and raised the bar on both commercial and residential buildings, requiring all rezoned building projects to receive LEED Gold certification or better. "We value our relationship with the building industry. They have delivered on meeting our aggressive standards, provided val...

Passive House design Vancouver
Passive House

The city of Vancouver is actively promoting Passive House construction

...building design, and the City of Vancouver knows it. To show builders the financial benefits of building to Passive House levels, the city has published a complete study that precisely quantifies the extra costs and benefits that come from extremely efficient construction methods rather than building to meet the minimu...

Rendering of River District Sustainable housing development In Vancouv
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Vancouver developer leads the way to more sustainable communities

...bylaws and other means, developers also play a large role. They choose where to build, the types of homes or buildings that get built, and many of the details that make up a home, neighbourhood and community. The better developers and builders know how to both built better and sell better. What I mean by 'selling bet...

Mobile tiny house
Tiny house

Is Tiny House living in a cold climate good or bad for the planet?

...Vancouver laneway house movement, where tiny houses are being built on land instead of wheels. Vancouver has back lanes that run through the middle of many city blocks which city planners have encouraged using to increase urban density by building tiny houses in backyards. They allow homes as small as 280 squ...