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Cutting a 110 year old dying pine tree.
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

The rise of urban logging

...Urban logging © Colleen Mahoney Where an old garage stood was soon to be the location of a studio / workshop, so rather than dispose of the wood from this tree and go buy more, Brian Blak and Colleen Mahoney had a portable mill come and turn the tree into usable materials for their future building project. Despit...

Stairs made from reclaimed barn beams
Wood and organic materials

All about wood

...Urban logging: Trees removed by city workers have more often than not found themselves ending up as landfill. Entrepreneurs are popping up in different regions and are now turning those trees into usable products. Sunken timbers: Generations of logging has left unfathomable quantities of wood sitting at the bottom of...

The Top Twelve Green Building Trends for 2020
Planning and Design

Find out what's trending in 2020 for Green Home Construction

...urban infill building Urban infill construction slows urban sprawl and protects green space. That’s a good thing. But as so often is the case, those living in established older neighborhoods are often loath to see changes to their communities and increases in traffic, which is a fully understandable sentiment. But it...